Youth Group Regeneration - Class of 2019

We gather throughout the school year for fun, fellowship, faith development, and service. Young people from grades 7-12 are invited - friends of HUMC welcome!
Contact Pastor Chuck ( with any questions.

All meetings are at HUMC from 4-6pm unless noted.

Download Registration & INFO sheet HERE.

Wave #1 (Sep - Dec 2018) - Theme: "Finding Your Ideal Direction"

Wave #2 (Jan - Mar 2019) - Theme: "I have my Ideal - Now what?!?"
  • Jan.  6   “Studying the stuff we care about”    Click HERE for Pics!
  •       13  “S.M.O.G”
  •       27  Helping out with the Missions Committee!
  • Feb.  3   “Being a Man/Woman of Action”
  •        10  “Missing the mark”

Wave #3 (Mar - May 2019) - Theme: "Takin' it out into the world"
  • Mar.  24   “Us and our Environment - Who's controlling who?!?”
  •          31  “Livin' the Grace!”
  • Apr.  7   “C.C.I.A. - and it ain't a Government agency!”
  •        28  “Stickin' Together...”
  • May  5   “Takin' it out into the world”
  •         19  Wave #3 Wrap-up
YGR - 2019 - Logo Contest Winner - Sofia G.!

Confirmation Class

This is a special experience for 8th graders who wish to become full members of the church. Typically offered from January to June, the purpose of Confirmation class it to encourage a commitment to spiritual growth and participation in the church through a process of exploring the diversity of Christian worship and liturgy.

The Confirmation Class of 2019 schedule can be found HERE.

Confirmation class of 2017:

The John Street United Methodist Church. Oldest Methodist congregation in America

Youth Group Holdiday Party and Gift Exchange 2016: