Weekly Announcements

  Weekly Announcements  
Children & Youth Sunday
                        This Sunday, May 20th, is Children and Youth Sunday.  This service will be led by the children and youth of HUMC.  Please be sure to stick around after the service and join us for a special luncheon and to participate in the games and fun activities that have been planned.
Thank You! Thank You!
                We would like to say a special thank you to John and Diane Walsh for making the hamburgers and hot dogs after our Sunday service.  And thank you to everyone who is bringing in side dishes and desserts to share.  Without all of you, this celebration would not be possible.
Saturday Contemporary Worship
            Our Saturday Contemporary Worship service will resume in October. This monthly worship is filled with more contemporary music and will be full of good energy.  This service was originally designed for those who cannot attend worship on Sunday mornings, but of course, everyone is welcome to attend.  We hope you'll come and experience this vibrant service and experience the presence of the Holy Spirit!
Music Sunday at HUMC
                We are worshiping God and celebrating Sunday worship with music!   Join us on Sunday, June 17th for this musical celebration.  Enjoy songs from the HUMC Choir, the Praise & Worship Team,  our praise band, Because of Him and the HUMC Children’s Choir.   Members from each of these groups will be leading the service.  This will be an event you won’t want to miss.
NEW!!  Bible Story Telling
                On the first Sunday of each month, we’ll be “Rockin’ the Bible”!!!   P-Chuck and Donelle will be leading the children in an animated and fun Bible-story time in Bovee Hall.  The kiddoes will get to enjoy some fun group-time learning about the amazing stories in our Bible.  You can think of it as an extended Children’s Sermon - where we have more time for fun!  Then, the kiddoes will be led back into the Sanctuary for Communion.
Usher Needed
            We are in need of one more usher for the HUMC Elite Usher Squad.  Please contact Brian Kweder at kweder@sbcglobal.net or 860-803-0760 if you are interested.  The rotation is every fifth week and there is always someone from the team ready to fill in if you can’t make it.  No training necessary.  The fringe benefits are endless including the admiration and respect of your fellow church members.  
Meals for HUMC
            If anyone knows of an HUMC member, or are themselves needing meal assistance due to surgery, birth of a child or any serious life event, please reach out to Darlene Gosnell at dar1211@aol.com.

Lay Servant Caring Ministry
                In addition to the care you currently receive through Pastor Chung’s Caring Ministry, you will also receive care from one of the 5 Lay Servants at HUMC.  We have divided the all of the HUMC families into 5 groups.  Each of our Lay Servants (Karen Allen, Cindy Savoie, Chuck Schif, Chris Staecker and Donelle Toner) will have a group of families that they continually will be praying for.  In addition, they will be checking in on you from time to time, sending cards when you are not feeling well, etc.


HUMC Adult Bible School
            The next step of our Adult Bible School has begun.   Step 2: Exploring the Christian Faith –  Deepening my understanding of Christianity.   We will meet Mondays at 6:00 PM at HUMC. Please let Pastor Chung know if you would like to attend.
What is Alpha?   Alpha is a series of sessions exploring the Christian faith, typically run over eleven weeks.  Each talk looks at a different question around faith and is designed to create conversation.   Alpha is run all over the globe, and everyone is welcome.
2018 Alpha Course Plan:

Wk 10 May 21st Does God Heal Today?
Wk 11 June 2nd (Saturday) Who is the Holy Spirit?
What Does the Holy Spirit Do?
How Can I Be Filled with the Holy Spirit?
How Can I make Most of the Rest of my Life?
Wk 12 June 4th What About the Church?
Youth Group
                The remaining meeting dates and themes for Wave #3 are lis
ted below.  Sign-up for helpers will be in Bovee Hall and new youth are ALWAYS welcomed!
Wave #3   Theme: Am I a "Christian"?
Month Date Session # Sundays - 4-6pm @ HUMC
May  20 #7 …like Judas?
  27   Off - Hug-a-Vet!

An Invitation to Serve
                We are inviting you to join the Sunday School Staff  to share a Bible story or two with our youngsters followed by a hands-on craft and/or a cut and paste activity one Sunday a month.  All materials will be available to you that morning; no preparation required just the love of God and the willingness to share His word in child-like language.  About 30 minutes only one Sunday a month.  It is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face!  If you are interested in this opportunity, please see Donelle during coffee hour. 


                Please extend your congratulations to two of our very own members, Karen Allen and Cindy Savoie.  They are part of a group called the Connecticut Excellency Group (L.E.G.) Leaders.  The purpose of creating of this group of leaders was to have them partner with the leadership of the CT District and help with the revitalization of the district.   Currently they are slated to complete their training on May 30th.  

Save the Date: HUMC Summer Picnic
                Mark your calendars!  On Sunday, July 8th, we will be having our annual summer picnic at Wolfe Park.   It will be a potluck picnic with burgers, dogs and drinks provided. Stay tuned for more details.

Remember the following people and their families in prayer this week:
                Monday               Skip & Cheri Haight
                Tuesday              Jamie & Christiana Jones
                Wednesday         Terry & Jean Jones
                Thursday            Michael & Elaine Kalweit
                Friday                 Ray & Sandy Kelly
                Saturday             The ministries and staff of HUMC and SWS
May Birthdays this week:  Baily Schif, 21st; Elisa Uhrynowski, 22nd; Jeff allen, 23rd; Dillon Courtney, 23rd; Kathy Miccinello, 23rd; Michala Allen, 26th; Emily Codere, 26th, Samantha Cook 26th.
May Anniversaries this week:  Dave & Kathy Miccinello, 21st.

Please Remember Us In Your Prayers
        If you (or a family member or friend) would like to be placed on this prayer list, please call the Church Office (203-929-5545) or E-mail: office@huntingtonUMC.com.  You may also fill the prayer card or write a note on the small pad in the pew pocket and place it in the offering plate.