Weekly Announcements

  Weekly Announcements  
2019 Lenten Services

The following Wednesday services will be held at 7:00pm, preceded by dinner at 6:00pm:
  • March 20 - Huntington United Methodist Church  (338 Walnut tree Hill Rd)
  • March 27 - Huntington Congregational Church UCC (19 Church Street)
  • April 3 - St. Lawrence Church (505 Shelton Avenue)
 The offering will go to Spooner House.  Please write checks to HUMC with "SCA" in the memo.
Presentation for Confirmation Class
by Dr. Chris Staecker (Lay Servant/Math Professor at Fairfield University)
                On March 17th, after worship, Chris Staecker will give a special presentation about faith and science. “ People of faith or people of science?  Do we need to choose? Is there even a difference?” This presentation will be geared towards the confirmation class students and is open to anyone else who's interested in attending.
Youth Group Regeneration 2019!
            We are off to Wave #3 and we are “Takin’ it out into the world”! If you’ve missed a session or two, No Worries!  Pop-in whenever you can so we can share the food, fun and fellowship that is YGR-2019!  All meetings will take place at HUMC from 4-6pm, unless otherwise noted.
                Mar  24th              “Us and our Environment - Who's controlling who?!?”
                Mar  31st              “Livin' the life...in Grace!”
                Apr     7th              “C.C.I.A. - and it ain't a Government agency!”
                Apr   28th              “Stickin' Together...”
                May   5th               “Takin' it out into the world”
                May  19th              Lessons & Games - Youth Choice!
                June  2nd               Wave #3 Wrap-up

Save the Date – Annual Summer Picnic
                Mark your calendars.  This year’s annual summer picnic will be on Sunday, July 14th!  Once again it will be held at Wolfe Park in Monroe.  Details to follow as the date gets closer, but this gives us something warm to look forward to during these last cold, dreary days of winter!  You don't want to miss all of the Fellowship, Food & Fun, so be sure to Save the Date!  

Laity Excellence (LEG) / Small Group
            Karen and Cindy have started up another LEG/small that began on Monday, March 11th from 6:30 pm to 8:15 pm.  Meetings will take place at Karen’s house and will run bi-weekly until the summer.  We would like you to be at the meetings as often as you can, but attendance is not mandatory.  All sharing and discussion is confidential. Please let Cindy know if you’d like to attending. 

Center Stage
                One of our church members, Justine Critchley, has been cast as Aunt Sigrid in "I Remember Mama" at Center Stage Theatre in Shelton. This play is an adaptation of the 1948 movie starring Irene Dunne.  It is the story of Katrin Hansen's loving Norwegian Mother.
                This show runs from March 29th to April 14th (10 Performances) with Sunday Matinees, Friday/Saturday at 8pm and Thursday show at 7pm.   Call Box Office at 203-225-6079 or go online at www.centerstageshelton.org  for tickets.

Coins for Lent
                Lent is a good time to commit to giving money to a project that helps those in need.  The proceeds from this year’s “Coins for Lent” will be put towards funding our Habitat for Humanity volunteer project on April 27th.  The money will be used for participation and materials and the rest will be donated to Habitat for Humanity.  A group of HUMC members will be volunteering that day to help a home in need of some TLC (and “P” for Prayer.)   Please see the flyer insert for further details. 

Monthly Food Donations
                We are holding an ongoing food drive to benefit Spooner House.  Each month we will be collecting different items to donate to them.  For the month of March we are collecting pasta and rice.  If you are able to donate, there is a shelf in the Narthex for your food donations.  Thank you in advance for your generous donations.

Spooner House for 2019
                Each month HUMC provides a meal for the residents at Spooner House.  Volunteers are needed to prepare a meal each month.  The only month that is still open is December.   If you would like to help with this great cause, please consider signing up to provide a meal on Dec. 8th.  Thank you for your continued support in this vital mission.  If you have any questions, please contact Diane Walsh at 203-926-9589 or e-mail her at dianewwalsh@yahoo.com.

Team Courtney shaves again in 2019!
                It's a big year for a couple of reasons.  For Aiden and I it will be YEAR 10 but more importantly, Dillon will join the ranks as a Knight of the Bald Table as this will be his 7th year shaving! (For a kid who turns 10 in May that is a pretty amazing thing!)
               Over the past 10 years, with your help, we have managed to raise over $25,000! We could not have done it without your help.  Please take a minute if you can and make a donation to this great cause.  Please log on to:     www.stbaldricks.org/participants/TeamCourtney2019Aiden
Thank you again from Team Courtney for your participation and continued support!

Habitat For Humanity
                The Missions Committee will be taking part in a Habitat for Humanity project on Saturday, April 27th from (8-8:30am – 3-4 pm).  They are looking for at least 8-10 people from HUMC to join in.   We have done many different project through the years (siding, insulation, painting, roofing, etc) so don’t be afraid you can’t do it.  It’s a very rewarding experience.  You must be 16 years or older to participate.  Please let Cindy Savoie (e-mail to: Cindy.Savoie@YNHH.ORG) know if you would like to attend.  There will be an on-line registration form to sign up.

An Invitation to Serve
                You are invited to join our group of dynamic volunteers for a wonderful Sunday School teaching experience…Volunteers rotate every 4-6 weeks and all materials are provided. Opportunities to share ideas with one another take place every other month for planning special events and enjoying fellowship together.  What better way to lead our children to the teachings of the Bible and our Lord Jesus Christ!  Please consider being a part of this worthwhile journey with our youngsters.  It’s time so well spent!
Come look for me during coffee hour with any questions.  I’ll be happy to help!

Remember the following people and their families in prayer this week:
                Monday               Doreen Muldoon
                Tuesday              Tim & Lorri O’Malley
                Wednesday         William & Nancy Prutting
                Thursday             Jake & Darlene Rielly-Lengyel
                Friday                  Hank & Linda Reznik
                Saturday              The ministries and staff of HUMC and SWS

Please Remember Us In Your Prayers
        If you (or a family member or friend) would like to be placed on this prayer list, please call the Church Office (203-929-5545) or E-mail: office@huntingtonUMC.com.  You may also fill the prayer card or write a note on the small pad in the pew pocket and place it in the offering plate.