Founded in January 1967, members of the Methodist Society, under the leadership of Rev. Barton Bovee, met for services at Mohegan School. Rev. William R. Doughty was appointed as our first full-time pastor that June. In September of that same year, the Susanna Wesley School was organized, and began meeting in the basement of the Church Parsonage.

On September 26, 1967, a building committee was appointed and plans for a new church, known as the Coventry Complex began. Construction began on March 4, 1969. Bishop Lloyd C. Wicke presided over the consecration of the new complex on October 15, 1969. Bovee hall was dedicated in memory of Mrs. E. Georgetta Bovee, wife of the Rev. Barton Bovee.

On April 23, 1968, the Huntington United Methodist Church was formally named. In 1971, Rev. Lawrence Bungay was appointed to lead HUMC. The Rev. Stuart Thody was appointed to the ministry at HUMC from 1972-1978. Rev. Sanford (Sandy) Stamper served HUMC from 1978-1983, when the Rev. Noel Koestline arrived. Pastor Koestline remained until 1987, with the appointment of the Rev. Brian Schofield-Bodt. The 1980′s were a period of growth for HUMC and space studies determined the need for expansion of our facility.

In 1991, fundraising began for additional classroom space, a new facade and steeple. The groundbreaking ceremony for this project was held on May 3, 1992, with the Rev. Roy Hassel, our District Superintendant presiding alongside Pastor Schofield-Bodt. On Sunday, May 31, 1992, HUMC celebrated its Silver Anniversary with a special worship service followed by a dinner reception. A service of consecration for the completed construction and renovation project was held on October 25, 1992, with Bishop Forrest Stith presiding.

In July 1994, Rev. Eric Fjeldal began his ministry at HUMC. The Rev. Kun Sam Cho was appointed to the ministry at HUMC in July 1997. He remained in service until the appointment of Rev. Robert Osgood in July 2001, who led HUMC through September 2003. HUMC welcomed Rev. Timothy B. Hare in June 2004.

Rev. In Koo Chung joined our HUMC family on July 1st, 2014.