We are a congregation that is part of a larger denomination – United Methodism – which began as a revival movement within the Church of England during the 18th century. While we are a doctrinal church in the sense that we claim and uphold the ancient creeds as invaluable statements of faith, Methodism emerged from John Wesley’s conviction that faith, if it is to matter at all, must be experienced. God’s grace isn’t so much given to us for the sake of understanding as it is for the joy of experiencing. Thus, while United Methodism remains within the bounds of the historical “orthodox” Church in all its tradition, history, and beauty, we are a denomination that holds strongly to grace and to the importance of personal experience.


We strive to create an environment together in which faithful living is empowered. Faith does not happen in a vacuum; rather, it grows as we share our lives with others who are seeking to live out God’s will with a sense of God’s abiding presence and love. We believe in God’s endless goodness and beauty; there is always more of God to know and love. We believe that Jesus Christ is the perfect and living image of God, showing us the priorities and ways of the Creator. We believe in the Holy Spirit, which is God’s Spirit, uniting us in fellowship with the living Christ. We practice two sacraments: Baptism as initiation into the Church and Holy Communion (“Eucharist”) as a partaking in the real presence of Jesus Christ.

The goal of faith is communion with God in the present, which is experienced as “salvation,” and which carries over into “eternal life.” Scripture is God’s word for those who are learning God’s language. Worship is the central act of the Church wherein we hear once more the Good News, recommit our lives to God, and are then commissioned to go forth and serve God in the world. God loves all people in all of our diversity. Therefore, all are welcome here. In the words of our denomination we are a place of “OPEN HEARTS, OPEN MINDS, AND OPEN DOORS.”